About 2063music netlabel

2063music is a netlabel for interesting music - with releases unique and individual. We cover a big variety of sounds on the exploration of heard and unheard territories in mind.

2063music was founded by 020200 in 1999 with the goal to conserve that feeling from the childhood days of sitting in front of the radio while trying to get the right frequencies. In fact, the net offers a bigger variety than radio today. So let's keep on putting music into the net!

2063music is about future music.

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Copyleft - Free music !!

All releases and artworks are generally licensed under the creative commons license. If there is any exception of this rule it will be mentioned on the release page. You must contribute the authors name and have to set a link on the artist-website or the release-website on 2063music if you distribute the works! Feel free to use the music for any non-commercial purposes!

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